Issue #3 March, 2007

Hello valued GardenSuperMart customer. How have you been? This is our March newsletter that we are sending to all our customers. These newsletters will contain a mix of our new hot ticket products, discounts, reviews, articles, advice, video tutorials, and much more.

Tired of heading to the local mall and dealing with traffic, parking, and lousy employees? Well, is an innovative new way to address your one stop shopping needs.  This new online mall has several stores for you to browse through right from your desk at home!!  Find everything you are looking for in one website. Our stores range from garden accessories to power tools to even stylish new clothing lines! Check out the right side panel for Our Stores.


Free High-Quality Artwork Available!! Sample Artwork Sample Artwork


Download free posters and desktop wallpaper! is an artistic website which allows you to download and print out high quality 10 MP prints of artwork submitted by professional and amateur artists for FREE. Above are just a sample of the artwork available on the website.

The website provides you with the option of printing out FREE 8.5” x 11” posters, but it also allows you to download the prints and use them as desktop wallpaper.

Home, apartment, condo owners, and office staff can download these high resolution prints to decorate their walls for FREE. is quickly becoming known as the “” for pristine artwork and photography.

Go to the website to download free posters today!


This month we are having a MASSIVE March Madness
sale!! Come see how much you can SAVE!!

Go to our March Madness Sale Section to see all our great deals!

The One and Only Rail Planters!

The NEW Rail Planter now Available

Rail planter with visually-appealing design, which is specifically designed to fit over and sit on BOTH 4" and 6" railings.

Unlike cheap imports, the planter is made in Canada, and is manufactured with a thick and durable 1/4" plastic composite. 

More about the rail planter.


SAVE 50% on a 200 GPH pump if you use the BUY NOW & SAVE option...

Has the pump in your pond burnt out again? Is this the second or third time you’re ordering another pump? If you're looking for a reliable, yet affordable mag-driven pump, then I have found the perfect product for you...

| Buy Now & Save |

Now Available...Shott Nursery Pump

  • Special Diverter Valve

  • Sponge Pre Filter

  • Exclusive 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!!!


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Beautify Your Home...Get the Wind Spinners

3-D Hummingbird Spinner

DT-600: The Evolution of the Screwdriver


ONLY $6.08 !!!

How many times have you been in your basement, car, or boat and needed some extra light to put in that final screw? You grab your flashlight, turn it on, and it’s not working. Either those $6 batteries are dead or the flashlight bulb went out. These old problems need new solutions and Emerge Power has created answers for these questions. Introducing the sleek and extremely durable...


| DT-600 Review |


The Evolution of the Flashlight...DT-600 The 31 Piece Tool Kit For Her..Brico

Clearance- ONLY $6.08 !!!

Buy the DT-600 & Save Now!!

There are some odd places where screws are placed throughout your home.

The worst places are where there is no available light to see what you are doing.

Now you can start screwing with the lights off!! The flashlight screwdriver combo DT- 600 has many features and benefits other screwdrivers don't offer:

  1. Wind Up Rechargable LED Lights
  2. 6 Superbright LED Lights
  3. 12 Interchangeable Bits
  4. More Features...


Ladies, are you tired of nagging your male counterpart to get that hole in the wall patched up or those photo frames put up?

If he never lets you touch his tools it's time to show him what you're made of, and perform projects yourself!!

With the help of the 31 piece Brico Tool Kit for Her, you can always get your home projects done properly the first time!! That'll show him!!

This kit contains tools for every type of home project you come up with:

  • 12" tape measure
  • 9" torpedo level
  • 8 oz fiberglass handle claw hammer
  • Heavy duty household scissors
  • More Features...

Check out the all in one Brico Tool Kit for Her.


The Curl Keeper

Are you tired of having frizzy, out of control hair? Does the humidity make your hair have a mind of its own? If you are reading this then you have already tried all those frizzy hair care products on the market with no luck. They are either overpriced or never perform the amazing abilities they claimed. If you want to exert control over your frizzy unmanageable hair, next time you’re shopping around, think Curly Hair Solutions.

| Curl Keeper
Make a purchase from Curly Hair Solutions™ and you will receive a FREE 60 ml bottle of Silk Shampoo, Treatment Shampoo or Conditioner!


The ONLY Curl Keeper The Styling Kit of Your Dreams!!

Buy the Curl Keeper and Receive a FREE GIFT!! Buy the Styling Kit and Receive a FREE GIFT!!


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